Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why the West attacking Muslims

I am not a terrorist, I am not a criminal, I am not rapist, neither a racist.
I am a Muslim with an Arabic name.

There are terrorists in all communities, including Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim. On the other hand, like other religious communities, Islam also has artists, intellectuals, athletes, entertainers, and rebels.

I asked my self WHY? Why the western media and specifically the American media do want to destroy the Muslims image and make their citizens think that Muslims are terrorists and they are the bad people as they see it in the movies.

I can answer this question for you, but I want you to answer it for yourself, after reading what people think, and what I think.

1) The western media brain washed their viewers by associating the Islamic religion with terrorism, so every time the average viewer sees a headline that talks about terrorists they think about Muslims and every time they see a headline that talks about Muslims they think about terrorists.
My comment:
The western countries are very concerned about the Muslim religion, after seeing lots of reports that there more people are converting to Islam from Christianity, especially after Kosovo got their independence as a Muslim country in the heart of Europe. The European countries decided to fight Islam by the media or let’s call it the new 21st century war.
The western countries were hoping that the Serbs will wipe out all Muslims in Kosovo, and let the Serbs kill and massacre women and children for 4 month till the whole world start looking at the European countries to do something and end it. Since they are not able to kill all Muslims in Kosovo, United Stated decided to lead the attack on the Serbs and called it a victory.

And let’s not forget why are the European countries are against Turkey joining the European Union because it will be another Muslim country in Europe. So I can see why the western countries are fighting Islam.

2) Some people think that Zionists got hold of the western media and churches and played a big role in destroying and fabricating stories against Muslims and the Islamic religion, and unfortunately lots of people believe their lies.
My comment:
The Zionism movement is a very dangerous movement and their goal is to destroy who ever stand in their way even if you saved their lives in the past. They see them self between two strong religions the Christianity and Islam, the Muslim religion is very close to Christianity; the Zionists decided to get closer to the Christian extremists and have them fight the Muslims hoping they kill each other.
The Muslims saved the Jews when the Crusaders attacked the Muslims countries and rolled them. The Zionists want to revenge from what the Crusaders did to them by having them fight the Muslims and let the Muslims fight their war. Very smart move both Christians and Muslims don’t know that they are fighting someone else’s war.

3) Some people think that Arabs are primarily responsible for their tarnished image in Western media since they don’t have people who write in Western newspapers on this issue and they don’t’ have English channels that can reach the Western people and present their programs so they can get a real picture of Arabs and Islam.
My comment:
That’s true as well, the Arabs and Muslims failed big time in reaching out to the west and explain their religion and left the Zionists and the Christian extremist like Pat Robertson do their work for them by giving lies and fabricated stories.