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Al-Qassam rocket

The current Israeli military onslaught on the Gaza Strip, land and air, entitled "eradicate the Hamas movement and the elimination of its military wing Al-Qassam Battalions", and the main cause, according to the political circles and the Israeli Foreign Ministry, is to stop Qassam rockets falling on Jewish settlements and communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip। What is the story of the Qassam rockets, and when it started, and what are the real effects on the Israelis, and any prospects may emerge from the current war, and the role of the Qassam rocket?

The beginnings of industrialization and the gradual evolution

Use of locally manufactured Qassam rocket, entered the Palestinian resistance, a new phase of confrontation, which managed whenever wants to threaten the security of Israeli soldiers and settlers, and an unconfirmed number of deaths, not to mention the greater number of casualties, by the fall of missiles at Jewish settlements and military positions, and the failure of all attempts to prevent the occupation army, resistance came with the occupation in the equation of a new conflict। Confessions and Israeli military sources themselves, formed the Qassam rockets which the military wing of Hamas basically prepared and manufactured, qualitative leap in the performance of the strategy and tactics of resistance, imposed themselves on the field and military arenas, although simplicity that characterize this tactic, and despite suffering from a crisis in the Palestinian issue has not witnessed for decades। The resistance forces fought the midst of the first experiment to produce missiles threaten local settlements in the Gaza Strip during the first year of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, specifically late 2001, raw materials, and engineers are keen to develop continuously, where production has been more than a generation of them.

The initial stages of the rocket production and the means to search for explosive materials, and has faced many obstacles and difficulties, was the lack of necessary materials in the occupied territories, which led the engineering and development units of the armed wings of self-reliance in the manufacture of all materials necessary for the requirements of the missile. According to data of the Qassam Brigades, the first rocket produced by engineers reached 70 cm in length and 8 cm in diameter, and ranged between 2-3 km range, and held in the foreword explosive warhead containing 600 grams of a substance (TNT) of high explosives, and will be launched by Dasher. In the beginnings of manufacturing miss missile accuracy correction towards the objectives, which form an incentive for continued development and debugging that emerged when, not so long ago even announced development, and production of a new model is "Qassam 2", especially after radical amendments, which can range from access to the inside Israeli groupings. The length of 180 cm, and the range of between 9-12 km, and increased his load of explosives to hit 6 kg of high explosive, while the diameter of 12 cm. This was the qualitative development of resistance to shed more light upon further analysis of the nature and military strength, and according to "Shlomo Gazit" former head of military intelligence, the Qassam rocket features several foremost primitive manufacturing, ease of production, cheap. There has been no radical change in the way the rocket launch only appropriate Pitcher of the appropriate size, and thus are not controlled sensing, showed a number of video, which was distributed to the media the way ambush and rocket launchers. Where is arrested diagonally to the holder of three legs, and the elements of the Qassam, a device similar to the compass to restructure space, and adjusted accordingly, so become a military style has achieved successes on various levels. According to data army of occupation, resistance launched since the withdrawal from Gaza in September 2005 and at the time of writing, almost 1000 rocket-propelled grenade. Note that the most important towns fired Qassam rockets are : Sderot, Kibbutz Evere, Kfar Sa'ad, Kfar Azza, Nahal Oz, Ilit, Kissufim, Native Aatsra, Karni crossing, Vikim, Nair year, Kirm Shalom Netivot. In a precedent, the first of its kind, Qassam rocket landed on the coastal city of Ashkelon, and not the result of the fall recall any injuries, but the form of an ultimatum to the security hotline, which describes the city as "strategic" to contain the largest power generation plant belonging to the Electricity Company, and a "CTSA", which stores fuel and gas. Rockets effects on the domestic front after the occupation of evolution in the nature of Qassam rockets, the method of delivery, are not stray, but it is rare for the settlements came without any injuries or damage. It is noteworthy that the Israeli media had initially counted the house or car of the settlers or the army for damages, described as "minor", but after it became the missiles hit targets, media started talking about the "number" of houses, buildings and cars damaged as "serious" by bombing।

While the firing of rockets is in the midst of extremely complex and dangerous in light of the continuing flight of the reconnaissance plane and helicopter gunships, it resulted in the injury of dozens of settlers and soldiers various injuries, with damaged and destroyed dozens of houses in the colonies and commercial complexes and factories, in addition to military positions. In a quick look at the rate of firing rockets over the past six years, we find continuous escalation rate equal more than 200% annually. Although primitive Qassam rockets and manufacture of manual, the impact is clear to the Israelis who did not hide the great resonance in successive statements. Arrived with some Western media outlets that give strategic dimensions connected prevailing balance of power, while it described as primitive missile, which may change the face of the Middle East, as part of what CNN that the paper fierce in the region, it is not clear how these primitive rockets that affect the military balance in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and make "high-Israeli force" standing helplessly stranded, with the BBC channel that this missile is a corrosive effect on the transfer of Israeli military super power. All agreed views the Israeli political and military alike, as Qassam rockets growing threat to the occupation forces and settlements in the same time. Such missiles have started targeting for the settlement of "Sderot" adjacent to the Gaza Strip within the borders of occupied Palestine in 48, have their strengths and weaknesses and superiority in Badaeitha, it is difficult to monitor high-tech devices owned by the occupation army, which forced the Israelis to recognize their inability to prevent the launch. In this context, he said, "Avi Dichter," chief of the security "Shabak" and former Minister of Internal Security in the current security report submitted to the government, that the firing of Qassam rockets salary in an impressive manner. There include orderly start research and development, followed by the production of parts, Valterkib, then the distribution of roles field and responsibility for the launch, saying that the presence of the army in the Gaza Strip does not necessarily help to prevent the launching of these rockets. With the transfer of the Chief of Research at the military intelligence "Yossi Kobervasser" The Hamas movement through these missiles continues in its attempts to commit attacks against Israel strategy, and disbanded still continue to produce combat means, including missiles. Military experts also showed considerable Israelis pessimistic about the future of dealing with such rockets processed manually, especially after it succeeded in toppling the theory of "protection through the wall." Making security forums diminish the usefulness of the wall because it is no longer able to guarantee the security of Israel, Fsarukh Qassam on the wall means less appropriate for the situation, even if it is the opposite of what the army was forced to enter Khanions and Rafah, or closure of the border with Egypt. He even went to some security reports to talk about the inability of the former Prime Minister "Ariel Sharon" to sleep because of the problem of the missiles, which the Palestinians succeed in the capital Imatarwa by Israelis after they do that has found it difficult to martyrdom operations inside the territories occupied in 48 because of stringent security measures.

The Knesset deputy said, "Yisrael Hasson," Israel has become a hostage of the rockets of Hamas! With the military correspondent "Amir Rbabort" positives rocket saying : Although there are many generations of technological gap between disarmament flour used by the army, and between primitive missile launched by Hamas on Ashkelon, it smart bomb Thanks to its psychological, because one missile introduced tens of thousands of Israelis to the horror! । As for the direct effects of the missiles on the Israelis, are reflected in the following scenes : 1-enter periodic underground shelters. 2-disruption of schooling in all schools and educational institutions. 3 - The streets of pedestrians and the settlements are subject to a curfew. 4-high flee settlements and the targeted populations. 5-send more psychologists to address population of panic and shock they suffer. The form of escalating resistance to the rocket bombardment on Gaza settlements and some residential settlement inside the Green Line adjacent to Gaza, a political and military crisis Israel, under pressure from settlers to halt the bombing of the expected deaths and injuries, and much more destructive than ever before, where revolted in large demonstrations in some cities, demanding cessation. Evaluation procedures for the army to prevent rocket steady development in the manufacture of rockets hand, and the security strategy and military on the other hand, prompted the military establishment represented in the army for the biggest and broadest military campaign against the Gaza Strip. Such as : Days of Penitence, Field of Thorns, Hell rolling, Defensive Shield, a color-track firm, Faris night, the rainbow, southern arrow, firm road, the first shower, and finally the current campaign, all aimed at preventing the firing of Qassam rockets, and all failed to prevent the firing of rockets, which continued in the period between precipitation and again, the army also used several means to the same objective, namely : 1-bombing industrial workshops and lathes and metal plants. 2-activating warning systems security inside the settlements adjacent to Gaza. 3-demand from the Palestinian Authority deploy its forces north of the Gaza Strip to prevent the firing of rockets. 4-providing more than $ 20 million to complete early warning devices, voice, and fortify buildings surrounding settlements sector, and the immediate immunization of institutions and buildings that are in the range of the Qassam rockets, and install sirens and broadcasting via early warning device known as the "red dawn."

However, the long arm of Israeli helpless and useless in the face of resistance successive innovations in the development of missiles, more than that, the Israeli Foreign Ministry, "severed hand" and began the process of begging for international assistance through diplomatic campaign to halt the firing of rockets। The many analysis by the inability to overcome the Qassam rockets, including what political commentator "Ben cassette" : should stand bravely before the truth ॥ There is no army at this moment missiles toward a solution, the only way the occupation of the Gaza Strip and the result is dozens of dead Israelis, the loss of political momentum, a return to recession, the loss of hope, and then crawl back to abroad to international pressure. With Professor "Michel Freund" : Thousands of Israelis hiding in their homes waiting for the Qassam rocket can download over their heads, through the roofs of their homes that can not protect them rain, army officers say that the rocket is inaccurate, well, but it might hit your head! . After the failure of all security solutions and treatments, the military tried and innovation army tries to prevent the firing of rockets, the government economic solutions of funding promises generous financial settlements, particularly "Sderot", a package of support, and preferential excess in the areas of welfare, education, industry, health and employment. In step comes within the framework of changing the departure of the settlers, the Knesset majority for a bill granting special populations in adjacent areas of the Gaza Strip facilities tax, up 13%, as one of the front lines, as ratified by the Ministry of Defense multi-faceted plan to fortify towns in the vicinity of Gaza, at a cost of $ 50 million. However basket failed promises, facilities and attractions that characterized the government to settlers in establishing trust with the spirit, and convince them to stay and not go. This came on the tongue of one's own country "Sderot" favorite target of a missile resistance when he said : our life here has turned into an unbearable hell, we can live in this manner, we can not close their eyes throughout the night, Nhamlk remain in the sky all the time for fear of Qassam surprises! .

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