Thursday, May 24, 2007

Israelis children signing missiles

Israelis children signing missiles. The Israeli’s government brain washes their children by having them writing their names on the missiles and a message saying with Love to the Lebanese children.

LOOK below what did the missiles do after were signed by the Israelis Kids.

Washington rejects Amnesty International accusations of violating human rights

The United States rejected accusations by Amnesty International to use the world "Square big battle" in the "war on terror", terming the OSCE report published in this regard "political document"। A spokesman for the State Department Tom Casey "it is quite clear that Amnesty International considers us an ideological process to be directed punches and, unfortunately, this is not anything new।" The annual report, which was published yesterday in London drew criticism of the United States, and believed that "the war on Iraq, the climate of fear in George Bush's administration published worldwide increased international divisions।" The report also accused Washington of "double discourse on human rights by portraying itself as the champion in the defense of these rights and the rule of law on one hand and the application of policies undermined the most elementary principles of international law at the same time" on the other hand. The report says that the United States these practices "that jeopardize security in the long term, undermine credibility in the international arena." Amnesty International pointed out that in "late 2006, the United States was still holding thousands of people without charge or trial in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo." The report stated that "there is no senior official in the American government was accountable for acts of torture and ill-treatment suffered by persons arrested under the so-called war on terrorism, despite evidence to suggest that the exercise of violence in a systematic way."

Secret prisons

and said Secretary General of the Organization Irene Khan that "Nothing reflects the globalization of human rights violations over the deportation sector", in reference to the transfer of hundreds of people illegally to countries such as Syria, Jordan and Egypt। She Khan regretted "the American government to continue the deaf ears of the whole world calls for the closure of Guantanamo।" She said that Washington was "not totally regretted the establishment of a wide network based on the violation of human rights in the name of fighting terrorism," and that the results of this policy is "retreat moral authority of the United States to its lowest in the world while the insecurity permeates more than ever." On the American policy in Iraq and described the Amnesty International American military intervention as a "very adventurous", and considered that this conflict has had negative consequences on human rights.